A Clear Choice – The Versatile Glass Coffee Table

A Clear Choice – The Versatile Glass Coffee Table

In many households, the family room is where most of the action takes place. We watch TV shows and movies, we eat, the kids socialize with friends and do homework, we take naps, and we hold parties. Outside the kitchen, it’s the place that gets the biggest workout, at least in my home. The furniture needs to be comfortable, hold up to wear and tear, and for most of us, still convey a sense of style.

Why would I then select a glass coffee table for this space? It’s an accident waiting to happen, you might say. But I’ve had more than one glass coffee table, and the fact that I’ve bought more than one shows that they work for me.

When I had a baby cruising the living room furniture, I was anxious about the hard-edged wood table we had. I found a wicker coffee table, one with soft, rounded edges and a glass insert for the table top. I did pause at the thought of adding glass to the equation with a toddler in the house. Instead, the rounded wicker was a safe choice, and the baby never tried to play with, sit on, or otherwise damage the tempered glass that was inset into the wicker surface. In fact, the glass top was a great surface for modeling clay or drawing paper. Cleanup was as easy as a wipe with glass cleaner and a paper towel.

When the kids got a little older, and we added furniture to the house, I did not hesitate to buy another glass coffee table. This time, I found the perfect one to place in front of my new sofa-a rectangle glass top with a rolled edge and a solid, wrought iron base that provided a shelf for books. Not only did it look great in the room, but I realized that this glass coffee table did not take up the visual space that a wood table might have. I had a full-sized glass coffee table, but because of its clear top and its wrought iron base, you could see completely through it. The great upholstery I picked for the sofa and the area rug was visible below the table were the starring elements in the decor. This glass table let me highlight the other design elements in the room.

Time came to outfit another room–this time, a smaller, more cozy space. What would look good in front of the antique love seat in my library? A small space called for less visual clutter. What did I find that fit the space? Another glass coffee table, this time, an oval inset in a bronze metal frame with slender support bars. Again, it takes up no visible weight, but still suits the decor of the room. My newest glass coffee table is light, so it’s easy to move, and it’s a snap to clean.

You can find a glass coffee table in nearly any size, to match any d?�cor. Look for them in wood with glass inserts, with a metal base that supports a floating glass top, on top of a wicker or rattan base, with contemporary geometric glass tops and a minimal metal frame, or even a trunk with a glass lid that provides a display space beneath its top surface. But to avoid injury in an unlikely accident, it’s important to ensure that the glass is tempered, and that it sits solidly on its base.

Choosing a glass coffee table provides a versatile, easy-to-care-for, stylish addition to your home.