7 Things You Don’t Know About Quartz Countertops

By namague Jul6,2022

When you look at a countertop made of quartz, you may not realize that it’s a natural mineral. But it’s an excellent choice for your kitchen, bathroom, or other surfaces because of its eco-friendliness, ease of care, and durability. Here’s what you need to know about this natural mineral. You might even be surprised at just how affordable quartz can be! Read on to learn more.


Quartz countertops are made of natural minerals.

Quartz is a natural mineral with a high luster. The natural material is non-porous, stain-resistant, and smudge-proof. Because it does not require sealing, quartz countertops Pittsburgh, PA, are easy to clean. They also come in a variety of colors. Quartz countertops are manufactured and made from 90% quartz. The remaining 10% is composed of polymers and resins. They contain various pigments to provide coloration naturally found in quartz arenite.


They are durable.

The advantages of quartz countertops are obvious. For one, they are both incredibly durable. The stone is hard and heavy, making it ideal for kitchen use. In addition, quartz slabs are safer for families with children since the edges are standard. However, while quartz slabs are more durable than granite or marble, they do not last as long as granite and marble. For this reason, fabricators recommend thinner slabs for certain areas. Still, quartz countertops can last for ten years or more in most cases.


They are easy to care for.

As far as countertop care goes, quartz is one of the easiest to maintain materials. It requires minimal maintenance and is stain-resistant, but it should be wiped up immediately if a spill occurs. Wine and tea can stain quartz more permanently than other substances, so you should be extra careful about what you use to clean it up. In addition, keep your quartz countertops protected from direct sunlight by installing awnings or covering them with curtains.


They are eco-friendly.

Quartz countertops are an excellent option for eco-conscious homeowners. This stone is completely seamless, preventing stains from forming on the surface. It also makes it easy to clean, with no special cleaners. Moreover, because quartz is a solid material made from quartz crystals, it resists bacteria growth. It also has a unique look, solid feel, and cool look. In addition to these benefits, quartz is a great choice for those concerned about the environment.


They are high-end.

When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are a few things to consider when deciding between granite and quartz. First of all, granite is more classic, while quartz is sleek, modern look can appeal to people who are less picky about their design. Also, while granite can hold up to redecorating, quartz countertops can add a significant value to a home. 


They are fashionable.

Consider installing quartz countertops when you want to make your kitchen look chic. These stylish kitchen surfaces come in various colors to suit your style and taste. Choose a color that coordinates with the existing features of your room. You can also match your quartz with your cabinetry to create a cohesive look. Keeping in mind that the price of quartz countertops may increase with rarity, you’ll want to consider a darker color for your kitchen.


They are easy to install.

Although quartz countertops are not complicated to install, they should be installed by a professional, as improper installation may cause cracking. A professional will use factory-grade tools and equipment to cut and shape the countertops. Using hammers or pry bars can be difficult if you’re not a skilled craftsman. In addition, some warranties require professional installation. Using a professional can also guarantee that you’ll receive a flawless result.


By namague

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