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7 Solution for Low Light Rooms. Effective Make Bright Without Lots of Lamps!

By namague Nov13,2019

Making a dark room bright can have an impact on people’s comfort at home. Do not believe it? Sometimes there are things that make the atmosphere of the house uncomfortable to live in, like a room in a dark house. Dark rooms in the house can make a gloomy atmosphere that makes you and other family members feel reluctant to linger there. In the end, the room was rarely filled.

The presence of a dark room itself is usually caused by the absence or lack of direct sunlight. Want to know the solution? You can buy lamps with attractive designs at the Flos so that the darkroom can be bright plus can beautify the interior design of the room. And also see some solutions below!

Choose the Right Wall Color

Changes in color in wall paint can provide dramatic changes. You might like a football club and decide to paint the walls in a color that matches the bright colors of the club’s jersey.

Bright colors are actually more suitable for use as an accent because it can make the room feel darker. Painting the room white to make the dark room brighter. This is caused by the nature of the white color that reflects light. If white is too boring, you can choose other colors such as pale yellow, mint, or beige.

Make the Dark Room Become Bright with a Large Mirror

A mirror is one brilliant solution that you can try to overcome a dark room. Besides being able to be used to make the room brighter, the mirror also makes the room feel more spacious. You can try putting a mirror on the wall opposite the window in the room. The size of the mirror you use also depends on how big the window is. The smaller the window, the bigger the mirror you need.

Furniture with Bright Colors

The use of dull-colored furniture such as dark brown or black can make a room feel cramped. Meanwhile, furniture with bright colors will make dark spaces become brighter and shinier.

By storing a piece of furniture in yellow just guaranteed the atmosphere of the room will change completely. However, do not carelessly enter a variety of furniture with colliding colors because the atmosphere of the room will feel too crowded. The key is to keep matching colors in furniture to create a comfortable room. For example, you can combine a cream-colored chair with a light blue table.

Liaison Window

One reason for the darkroom is the absence of windows that can provide direct sunlight. If you have this problem, the thing to do is to make a window in the room. However, you cannot install windows in any position. Use the window to connect a dark room with a room that is flooded with direct sunlight. That way, the room that was dark will become brighter.

Shiny Furniture Adds Light to the Home

This classic technique can make a dark house become bright. Its shiny nature can reflect a variety of colors in front of it. For that, also make sure to fill the room with brightly colored furniture. In addition, the combination of shiny surfaces with light accents can make the atmosphere of the room more romantic and charming. This trick not only brightens the room but also makes it more comfortable to live for long.

Bright Hardwood Flooring

In addition to shiny furniture, you can also use this one method to brighten a dark room, namely by installing a light pitched wooden floor. The color of the wood will reflect light in the room so the room will be covered with light. Parquet and vinyl are two wood flooring options that you can try.

Getting Rid of Trees by the Window

Trees can actually be one of the factors why your house feels bleak. Try to check if the window in your house is blocked by trees that adorn the house? If true, immediately remove or move the tree so that light can enter the house without obstacles.

By namague

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