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6 Ways to Protect Your Children From Mosquitoes

By namague Jul4,2017

Mosquito bites can run the gamut from painful to legitimately dangerous, so it’s important not to waste any time if you notice them in your backyard. You don’t want your children to suffer from their effects! Here are just six ways to protect your property and banish those buzzing beasts for good.

1. Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitoes like water the same way that flies like honey, so if your backyard has any water features, it’s time to drain or at least cover them. This goes for pools, fountains, buckets and rain gutters. Eliminate the standing water so that mosquitoes won’t congregate.

2. Install Screens and Nets

This is especially helpful if you like to host garden parties on the patio. Instead of spending the afternoon with a can of bug spray permanently attached to your hand, just raise a screen that will stop the mosquitoes before they can even reach you.

3. Grow New Plants

There are certain plants and flowers that naturally repel mosquitoes, so if you add them to the garden in your backyard, you’ll increase the likelihood of mosquitoes checking out your property, wrinkling their noses and deciding to pass you by. Garlic is one such plant. Basil is another.

4. Put Out Soapy Water

Do you remember when we talked about mosquitoes loving water? By putting out water that’s been mixed with soap or insecticide, you can attract mosquitoes and poison them from the inside. Just make sure that your kids and pets aren’t equally intrigued by the toxic water.

5. Light Candles

There are candles and torches made specifically for repelling mosquitoes. They usually include some form of citronella or neem oil, and they can be found in various sizes, shapes and strengths. If you need a discreet way to fight back against mosquitoes, this may be your best bet.

6. Call an Exterminator

Pest control La Plata MD can help you with any irritating mosquitoes that just won’t leave. Their professional services will work on a much greater level than homemade remedies, and what’s more, they’ll be able to follow up on their extermination efforts and beat back multiple generations of mosquitoes.

These are just a few ways to banish mosquitoes from your life and your yard. If you’re tired of your poor children scratching their arms raw, it’s time to get serious about your anti-mosquito efforts. Good luck!

By namague

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