5 Reasons Why a Rooflight Loft Conversion is Better than a Dormer

By namague May21,2019

Many homeowners are opting to convert their lofts and utilizing that extra space which wasn’t initially used. The reason behind this is the many benefits that come with converting your loft.

But, as you proceed with a loft conversion. You may notice that there are some homes with low roofs which have insufficient headroom. In such a scenario, you will have two options. You can either install a dormer or a rooflight. These two types of alterations significantly help in creating more useful space in your loft.

Between the two, a rooflight loft conversion is more popular than a dormer. Here are the reasons why.

  1. The Total Installation Cost

At the top of the reasons why many homeowners prefer a rooflight than a dormer loft conversion is because the latter can be quite expensive. Bear in mind that all add similar value to your home. You thus don’t need to dig deeper into your pockets. Irrespective of which you choose, you will get sufficient headroom space.

The total installation cost of a dormer loft conversion costs at least £35,000, whereas a rooflight loft conversion will cost you £20,000. Note that, the price of a dormer may vary depending on the design and size.

  1. Direct Access to Natural Sunlight

The design of the rooflight loft conversion will give you direct access to natural sunlight. This is because it is typically installed facing the sky. Thus, compared to a dormer, it will capture more sunlight. Picking one with a frameless design will give you access to more sunlight.

  1. It Improves Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Another reason why rooflight loft conversions are the number one choice for many homeowners is because they blend with most home designs and improve aesthetic appeal. A dormer, on the other hand, tends to look a bit rigid and ugly. Additionally, to get a unique dormer loft conversion, you will have to pay more and immensely alter your roof.

  1. You Get to Choose Flexible Ventilation

With a rooflight loft conversion, you have the flexibility of choosing proper ventilation. In instances where the window of a dormer has to be fixed at a particular position. The roof light allows you to place the window where you deem fit.

That is, you can have it installed on top of a shower or a sofa. Thus giving you direct access to ventilation in suitable spots. You can also invest in a rooflight with sensors. In case it starts raining, they will automatically shut themselves off.

  1. A Rooflight Doesn’t Require Planning Permission

Here in the UK, it is unlawful to install windows directly facing a neighbor’s property. The advantage of installing a rooflight loft conversion is that don’t need planning permission since it faces upwards. This is unlike dormers which are built to look over to your neighbour’s property.

Between the two types of loft conversions, the rooflight seems to be a better alternative. It doesn’t require any permission to install. It blends with your home’s aesthetic appeal and much more. Its many benefits are the reason why it is better and more popular than dormer loft conversions.

By namague

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