4 Great Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom so It Feels Like New

By namague Apr14,2020

The bathroom might not come to mind first when you’re thinking about a room to remodel. Yet you spend a large amount of time getting ready for your day in there. Guests will likely see it multiple times, so why not make it a pleasant place to be? You don’t have to remodel the whole room at once. Instead, you can take it piece by piece and prioritize what you want to be changed. Here are four awesome ideas to make your bathroom feel like a totally different room.

  1. Swap out the Countertops

The countertop is what you’ll probably use the most, so it makes sense to swap it out with a material that you like to look at. You can try a marble aesthetic, or, if you’re going for an all-white, chic theme, you can get a shiny ceramic. If you’re not sure how to do large installations like this, you can shop around for remodeling services online by typing in bathroom remodeling discovery bay ca or wherever is closest to your home.

  1. Go for a Vintage Tub

If you want to go old Victorian style with a chic touch of modern appeal, try installing a brand-new vintage tub. You can find one to match your bathroom theme and place it anywhere in the room.

  1. Add Extra Storage

It’s easy to let clutter overtake a bathroom, but you can fix that by simply adding more storage. Whether it’s more drawers and cabinets or another row of shelves, these can help keep your bathroom looking sparkly and neat.

  1. Experiment With Theme

If you’re not fond of the color of your bathroom, try something totally different. Go with something opposite of what you already have, or try some new patterns and designs.

Your ideal bathroom doesn’t need to be a dream. You can reach it one simple step at a time with these fun ideas.

By namague

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