The Most Unusual Wedding Rings You Can Order From Amazon

Amazon is a wonderland, and there is something for every taste available there. You can find everything from an o ring to a wedding ring. If you are in the market for wedding rings, why not look for ideas on Amazon? From the traditional to the alternative, there is a wedding ring to satisfy every taste.

A Silicone Ring

Whether you have a job that requires you to have your hands in liquid a lot or if you work with machinery and need a safe alternative to metal, silicone rings have gained popularity in recent years. They are inexpensive, easily replaceable, and you have the option to get multiple colors and designs. If you are someone whose weight fluctuates, this can be a great way to keep multiple sizes on hand.

Traditional Three Diamond Ring

If you are a little more traditional and can’t get to a store to shop, this ring might be for you. A classic three diamond setting with over 1 carat of stones, it is more typical than some of the other options. What is unusual about it is that there are rings on Amazon that exceed $2,000.

Wood and Abalone Shell

Maybe you met your prospective spouse in Hawaii and want to commemorate that. Perhaps one or both of you are Polynesian and wish to honor your heritage. Whatever the reason, the Hawaiian wood and abalone wedding band is beautiful, inexpensive and different.

Temperature Ring

If you are a gadget lover, this may be your choice for a wedding ring. It is definitely different. It is unclear whether it measures your temperature or the external temperature.

Black Walnut

Tungsten steel and black walnut make a striking combination. It makes a strong statement, and it won’t look like everyone else’s ring. Consider this for the outdoorsman.