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How to Choose a Good Electrician

Poor wiring is a leading cause of fires, and we’re all aware of the dangers. That’s why you have to take your time reviewing your options before hiring an electrician.

Licensing and Insurance Coverage

First of all, verify whether the electrician you have your sights on has a license. This is your assurance that the contractor has completed all state-required courses and practical work that allow him to do his job correctly and safely. Ask for proof of their license, and check whether it’s current and valid for the kind of work you plan to hire them for. Note that restrictions may come with certain electrical licenses. Also see to it that the electrician has liability as well as workman’s compensation insurance. Again, if they claim they’re covered, ask to see evidence. If you’re in Montreal, you can trust Ozen Electrique, a licensed and insured electrical contractor that can give you all the security you need.

Comparing Quotes

It’s always smart to ask at least three different electricians for quotes (above three can confuse you). You need to describe to them work you want them to do, as carefully and correctly as possible. In return, they should provide you a detailed quote with a breakdown of prices. When you have all three quotes, sit down and compare them, and find the one that best matches your needs, standards and budget. Ozen Electrique in Montreal will be eager to provide a quote upon your request.

Nobody wants an electrician who is unapproachable or displays bad workmanship. It’s a must that you are comfortable with this contractor for your project’s sake. A professional electrician will also come on time and call you if they’re held up. With Ozen Electrique, professionalism is a given.

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