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New Living Room Accent Tables Can Mix Things Up a Bit

By namague Feb8,2024

New Living Room Accent Tables Can Mix Things Up a Bit

Accent tables are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to a living room. New living room tables can add visual interest, solve some of your space utilization issues and show off your personality, all in at the same time.

With so many choices out there, it’s probably harder to narrow down your choices than it is to find new living room accent tables that you like and think will work in your home.

Part of the reason for this is the selection. But another is the versatility. Unlike other tables that should be used as sets (there are exceptions we’ll go into in a moment), accent tables can be the lone wolf in a room. They can be totally different than every other table you have in there, and you can have more than one accent table that doesn’t match.

This takes a bit of design know-how, however. You have to find a common thread that ties all the tables together so they look like they belong. That’s not to say they have to match, only that they complement one another. For example, you can choose new living room tables that are all different sizes, but share the same basic veneer pattern on the top, such as a sunburst or compass.

Or you can tie architectural details together, such as getting different accent tables that have the same finial work or legs. You can also go with the same finish on the tables matching one cherry accent table with another, even though they have different patterns or styles. That said, you need to be careful that you pick two that have the same tonal value and coloration. A bright red cherry table matched with a darker one can look out of place, unless you plan to set them at different ends of a furniture grouping to so visitors can’t see the difference. It’s far wiser, as long as you’re getting new living room accent tables anyway, to make sure they match.

The same is true in scale. You can have a dominant table and a smaller table, or even two that are the same size. But they shouldn’t be too large or too small to fit in the space you have in mind. For example, there’s nothing wrong with getting new living room accent tables that are different shapes – say one rectangle and one oval – and using them in place of end tables. But you don’t want them to be too large or too small for the location, either overshadowing your sofa, loveseat or chair or simply willowing away because they’re too small.

Accent tables as end tables are really popular these days, largely because you can mix and match them, but also because they allow you to show off a bit of your personality, choosing pieces that not only fit the space well, but reflect your style and personal tastes.

When shopping for new living room accent tables, don’t forget to consider these tables for other areas of the room. For example you can buy a second table that matches one of the ones that bookend your sofa and use it across the room. Because they have the same pattern and features, they will tie nicely together. Add a plant to it, use it to display family photos or let your iPad serve up an ever rotating slideshow from your recent family vacation. An accent table is perfect for this use. Since accent tables can vary in height, be sure you order one that will work for you. For example, a tall plant may work better on a slightly shorter accent table while you’ll want photos to be up a bit higher.

By namague

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