Modern Furniture Styles in Miami

Miami is one of America’s trendiest cities. This metropolitan area is home to nearly 5.5 million people. It is also a great place to find many stylish and luxurious houses. Miamians decorate their homes in different ways. However, they typically take a modern and light approach to interior design. The following material will highlight some basic ways that Miamians arrange their personal dwellings.

Minimalist and Modern

Online digital magazine, Ocean Drive, states that Miami has an artistic and very sophisticated look as a city. The city is located near the Atlantic Ocean and has year-round warm temperatures. This background is what influences locals with their interior design choices. Miami homes are generally airy, breezy, easy to navigate, uncluttered and very bright. Homeowners use modern furniture that flows within the environment and not dominates it. They also use a mixture of bright, light and pale colors to decorate their living areas.

Hues such as white, light gray and light pinks are commonly used as background colors. Modern art deco styles also flourish in Miami as well. Wallpaper might not be prominent in homes any more, but it is still being used within quite a few abodes in Miami. People in Miami do not want to overcrowd their environment with lots of furniture. They also avoid big and bulky pieces. Miami homes are very easy on the eyes and they help people to navigate quickly through the environment.

Miami Homes are Influenced by Hotel Design

One company points out that many home interiors are strongly influenced by the design spaces found inside of hotels. This is also a true for local houses in the Miami area. Interior decorators take ideas and themes from modern luxury hotels and downsize them to fit inside of a home. They customize these designs exclusively for each owner. This is a great way for homeowners to find the perfect balance between luxury and sophistication. The furniture styles in hotels are also replicated for local Miamian residents. Most homes have less space than hotel lounges or lobbies. Still, homeowners can place scaled down versions of hotel modern furniture miami to fit their living space.

The Influence of Water on Decorative Styles in Miami

Water is everywhere in Miami. The landscape is constantly intertwined with ocean water. Since homes are so close to waterways it would only make sense that this substance would play a defining role in home decorations. People in Miami can have houses built next to beach areas or they can have apartments overlooking the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

When homeowners add furniture into this type of environment, they want clean pieces that seem to flow with their surroundings. This is why modern furniture pieces in Miami are very slim or have a futuristic design. Traditional big and bulky furniture would be a hindrance for this type of activity. Miamians want to be comfortable and relaxed while they gaze at the open scenery of the ocean. Their furniture style reflects this ideology. The people of Miami have many choices and a great way of decorating their homes with modern furniture.