Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

When building a new home or remodeling your bathroom, choosing the right vanity can make all the difference. If you have been uncertain as to what type of vanity to consider installing in your lavatory, consider the number of people that will be sharing the restroom, the current style of the room and the durability of the vanity.

Sharing Is Caring

If you share a bathroom with your spouse or if you have children who will be sharing a vanity, you may want to consider a “Jack and Jill” style vanity. This dual-sink setup allows each individual to have their own space to brush his or her teeth and get ready in the morning. This can be a lifesaver when two people are trying to use the same space, as you will not be fighting over who gets the sink next.

Style Considerations

If your decor style is rustic, an ornate Victorian-style vanity will likely not fit the style of the room. Alternatively, a rustic-style vanity would stand out harshly in a room with no other elements of rustic charm. Choosing the vanity that best blends with the current style of your bathroom is a great step in choosing the right one.


When shopping for your bathroom vanities in Milwaukee, research the durability of the materials that you are purchasing. While some elements may look stylish when installed, if they do not hold up well to normal use, you may have to replace the vanity before you are ready. By choosing a stylish vanity made of sturdy materials, you can feel more satisfied with your purchase.

Remodeling your bathroom or picking out your fixtures for the first time can be exciting yet cause a feeling of uncertainty. When carefully consider your unique needs and tastes in decor, you can choose a bathroom vanity that is just right for your space.