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Automatic Garage Door Security – Seven Tips

By namague Nov5,2023

Automatic Garage Door Security – Seven Tips

Automatic garage door systems are wonderful devices that have certainly made homeowners’ lives easier and more convenient: no more hauling groceries indoors in the rain or getting out of the car in a snowstorm! With that convenience, however, come specific concerns regarding safety and security: here are seven tips.

Make sure that the garage opener button is positioned highly enough that small children cannot reach it.

Educate kids about the dangers inherent in playing near or around the garage door. This is especially true if the door’s design has separate panels that may pinch little (or big) fingers.

The safest automatic models have an auto-reverse mechanism that sends the door up automatically whenever it comes into contact with an object of any kind. If your system is so old that it does not have this mechanism, now is the time to invest in a new garage door device: the accidental and potentially tragic consequences of not having auto-reverse are simply not worth the risk.

Put in laser sensors on either side of the garage door that will automatically send the door back up when objects are detected in their paths. This will prevent automatic doors from accidentally coming into contact with pets, children, camping equipment, and anything else that may be in harm’s way.

For security reasons, never leave the garage door partially open when you are gone.

If you have a touchpad entry system on the exterior of your garage, make sure you change the access code on a regular basis. Many of today’s newer models use rolling code technologies to prevent strangers from tapping into your code and gaining access to your house.

In order to perform efficiently and safely, automatic garage door systems require regular professional maintenance. All parts operate under conditions of extreme tension, making them dangerous for homeowners to deal with. If you see signs of wear or if your system is making strange noises, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself: contact a pro. Whether you need Utah garage doors or a system for your Minnesota home, make sure you deal only with experienced professionals to meet your installation, maintenance, and repair needs. And above all else, practice sound safety and security practices when it comes to your automatic system.

By namague

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