Are Plastic Sheds Perfect?

Many home owners opt for sheds and barns made of plastic for storage. These sheds or barns are pre-fabricated and come in different sizes and prices. While plastic has become a popular material used in making sheds it has advantages and drawbacks.
There are two types of plastic sheds available in the market. Some plastic sheds and barns are made of resin materials like polyethylene while other plastic sheds are made of vinyl. While both plastic sheds look similar in design the two types of plastic material are different and have their own pros and cons. Plastic sheds come prefabricated, with or without windows and some plastic sheds or barns come with a loft for added storage.

The advantages of plastic as a material for outdoor buildings like sheds or barns are that they are very durable compared to other materials like wood or metal and weatherproof. They are resistant to damage by insects. Plastic sheds are rot and rust proof. Another advantage of a prefabricated plastic shed is that it can be moved easily from one part of the yard to another or to another location easily. Plastic sheds or barns are usually cheaper than those made of wood or metal. They are also easy to clean.

The disadvantages of plastic as a material for sheds and barns are that many homeowners find they don’t match the appearance of the house and are not aesthetically pleasing. They need to be placed in a location that is not immediately visible to visitors. Customized plastic sheds that look aesthetically pleasing in a yard are not usually or easily available. Plastic sheds and barns are durable, but they are not as strong or secure as sheds and barns made of wood or metal.

Resin plastic sheds are made of a variety of resin material. Polyethylene is the most common type of resin material used to make sheds and barns. Resin sheds are light weight and can be assembled easily. They are maintenance free and weather resistant. The main disadvantages of resin plastic sheds are that they are not fireproof and lack the strength of sheds made of other materials. Resin sheds could fade if placed in direct sunlight.

Vinyl Utility buildings, like sheds and barns, have all the advantages of resin plastic sheds. The added advantages of vinyl plastic sheds are they are fireproof and very strong. They are built around sturdy wire frames. Vinyl sheds and barns are more weather proof than resin sheds. They remain strong in very cold weather and do not easily fade in direct sunlight.

Choosing a prefabricated plastic shed or barn is a wise decision for customers with a limited budget. The storage space in plastic sheds or barns is more than other sheds. Plastic sheds and barns come with a floor and the additional expense of putting a concrete or wooden floor can be avoided. Plastic sheds are the best options available in the market for customers looking for utility value rather than aesthetic appeal.