3 Reasons to Install a PTAC Unit

By namague Jul7,2020

Come summer you want to be able to sleep which won’t happen in a room that feels like a sauna. Having an ice-cold room in the summer and a cozy warm room in the winter is important for comfortable living. If you struggle to regulate the temperature you may want to set up PTAC installation Edgewater NJ to get a unit installed. Here are three reasons to install a packed terminal air conditioner (PTAC) unit.

Reason 1: You Need to Heat or Cool Just One Room

PTAC units have the ability to heat or cool just one room. This is useful if you just need one room to regulate temperature. This can be common in hotel settings as you want to allow each room to be able to control its own temperature. This can also be used at home as well if one room tends to be colder or hotter than the rest of the house.

Reason 2: Save Money on Installation

Installing a PTAC unit will save you a lot of money compared to installing a full AC and heating system. Those systems need ducting which takes a lot of labor working through walls, floors and ceilings. It also takes time which means it costs more money. A PTAC system is simply installed into the wall of the room it needs to be in.

Reason 3: More Energy Efficient

Packed terminal air conditioners save energy by not wasting energy in rooms that don’t need temperature control. It allows you to use the energy exactly where it is needed. It also is more effective than traditional window units which sometimes can be counter-productive and allow the temperature outside to leak in.

PTACs are a smart choice for energy efficiency, heating or cooling on a budget and if you need temperature control in just one room.

By namague

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