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3 Must-Haves for a Spa-Like Bathroom

By namague Jan20,2021

Wondering how you can turn your morning routine into something you look forward to most? It’s easy to transform your private bathroom into the perfect place to start your day. Here are three must-have features for creating a spa-like bathroom to upgrade your everyday self-care regimen.

1. Create the Perfect Shower

A spa-like bathroom just isn’t complete without a luxurious spot to enjoy an invigorating shower. The experts in plumbing projects Virginia Beach VA help you select and install the perfect feature for your bathroom renovation. Consider installing upgrades that turn a normal shower into an experience. Choose additions such as LED lighting and surround sound speakers.

2. Splurge on Self-Care Items

Since your bathroom is all about self-care, display some of your favorite products, such as oils, bath salts and lotions, throughout the room. Pour some of these items into glass bottles – it’s a nice way to display them instead of putting them up in the packages. While you’re at it, bring in some luxurious textiles such a plush robe and soft towels. Bamboo towels, in particular, are cozy and maintain a good texture even after several washes.

3. Add Quality Lighting

Good lighting turns an ordinary room into something extraordinary. The latest trend in bathroom illumination, LED strip lighting, helps create a dramatic mood in the space. These lights are actually very easy to install – it’s a project that you can do yourself in an afternoon. Place the strip lights in strategic spots throughout the room, for example, around your medicine cabinet, below the toe kick of your vanity or along your crown molding. Hook them up to a dimmer switch to create a glowing ambiance.

Look forward to your mornings by transforming your bathroom into the most stylish and comfortable room in the house. Follow these tips above and enjoy a spa-like experience every day.

By namague

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