What Is The Most Dangerous Pest And How To Control It In OKC?

Pests are a serious danger for ourselves and our families. We see our home as the place where we feel safe and relaxed. If we have to share it with other creatures from nature, we can’t call it home. Of course, unless it’s a cabin in the woods and the whole purpose of living there is exactly that.

People in urban areas need a pest-free habitat. The main reason for this is health. All pests are a danger to our wellbeing and our health. Another reason is that many of these pests are causing damage to the buildings and the objects inside.

That’s why pest control is mandatory for everyone that wants to live a happy life. In this article, however, we’re talking about the 5 most dangerous pests. Read on, and learn more about them.

5. Ants

Ants are not dangerous to humans. They don’t carry diseases nor can be fatal if they bite you. They do love to bite if you try to hold them in your hand but it’s only a system of defense that they think works. Learn more about ants here.

However, ants are devoted workers to their cause of creating a system of paths everywhere around and in the house. They live in giant underground tunnels and when they think it’s time to make a little more tunnels, nothing can stop them.

They chew through wood, bricks, and even concrete without a problem. If you don’t do something about this, some parts of the building you’re living in might get in danger from collapsing.

4. Bees, wasps, and hornets

These three all come from the same family. The bees are the only ones that actually benefit this planet and destroying them is not the best idea. The other two are natural-born killers and they do nothing else but killing everything around them.

Hornets are the worst. They are enormous and mighty. Their venom can kill whole colonies of the other two. The problem for humans is that they love to make their colonies in places that are warm, dry and secured. You know, places like your garage, where people are not to frequent and is warm and dry. A lot of states and countries banned free killing of them. That’s why it’s much wiser to call the best pest control OKC has to offer.

When you try to get rid of them or even get near them they’ll attack without a warning. The problem is that they are fearless and more than one hit from these creatures can be deadly.

3. Kissing bugs

The kissing bug is a very interesting insect that can also be deadly. What’s the worst in it is that it is like a vampire. It attacks while you sleep and bites the lips of your mouth. Scary, huh?

This is not something painful but the real problem is that this bug with it transmits a parasite called trypanosome cruzi which is responsible for around 12.000 deaths yearly in the Americas.

They are usually found in South in Middle America but as global warming is becoming higher they are moving more and more on the north. As of 2018, almost all US states have reported the existence of this insect on their territory making it one of the deadliest insects in the USA in the years to come. See more on this topic on the link: https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/news/20190426/dangerous-kissing-bug-marches-north-in-us

2. Rats and mice

Rats and mice are easy to spot and that’s the only good thing about them. Mice are small but they reproduce much faster than rats. They carry lots of diseases with them and their bite can be fatal if it’s not treated at the doctor.

Also, lots of diseases are located in their fur and their droppings. This means that even touching one can mean getting infected. The droppings are small black dots that are often misused with something else. Kids especially have no idea what it is and might touch it or even eat it. Since they are the most vulnerable, you can just imagine the outcome.

1. Mosquitoes

Yes, mosquitoes. These small creatures are number one on the list of threats at your home. Being very small and flying around unnoticed, they can be a cause for death.

In 2017, from the West-Nile infection that mosquitoes carry around died 121 people in the USA. Over 2000 were infected and had to battle for their lives. What they did wrong? Nothing! Absolutely nothing to make them provoked.

That’s why it’s very important to call the pros who do pest control and ask them for advice on how to prevent this from happening. It’s different from other kinds of insects and rodents that can be seen or heard. Mosquitos can only be noticed if the room is completely silent and they are flying nearby.

They see the pray and land which means an immediate bite. They have a special needle that goes under our skin in search of blood. That’s how they feed. The bad thing is when the needle goes under our skin, it releases a fluid for preventing our blood to coagulate. This fluid contains everything that was gathered through the blood of the previous victim. It can also mean an infection of the West-Nile disease which, as we can see, is sometimes deadly.


All these creatures can be controlled with just calling the pros who know how to handle the situation. You don’t need to wait for pests to show up. Prevent the situation by hiring a pest control team.