Various Activities in Da Nang You Must Try and Don’t Miss!

Da Nang is one of the tourist destinations in Vietnam that is visited by tourists. Various sights in the city of Da Nang, Ba Na Hill which is located in the mountains, we have to ride the Cable Car, which is the longest cable car or cable car in the world which has a travel length of up to 5 Km. This city which is rich in cultural heritage is certainly not to be missed! This will be a memorable vacation by witnessing firsthand the blend of east and west that takes place in Da Nang. In addition to visiting the city’s famous attractions, a variety of activities and hotels in Da Nang can be found!

Accommodation in Da Nang

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Visiting a typical European building in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hill presents a French-style site on the hill. The view of typical European buildings will be a tourist attraction that you will never forget. Then there is also a cable car that will take visitors through a long journey that is so enchanting. View of natural forest with the river below becomes a very beautiful blend. In addition, the vast horizon adds to the extent of nature’s paintings in Vietnam. If the day is sunny, the scenery displayed is more beautiful. don’t forget to capture all the moments in this destination.

Going up to Ba Na Hill with a Cable Car

Ba Na Hill is waiting for you who like adventure! By using the tram, you can see first hand one of the attractions in Da Nang that you must visit. This Cable Car is one of the oldest funicular train systems in the world. Ba Na Hill with a height of 812 meters above sea level, you will be rewarded with an amazing view on the top of Ba Na Hill.

Tasting Mi Quang Culinary Typical Da Nang

Aside from being a historical city, Da Nang is also known as a culinary city. And you can’t miss the street food as a culinary in Da Nang! Various types of food can be found in Da Nang, one of which is Mi Quang. Mi Quang consists of Vietnamese-style rice noodles with yellow sauce at the bottom of a bowl with not much amount. Then given the meat topping (free of what meat, can be pork, beef, chicken, fish or shrimp), plus a lot of raw vegetables and a sprinkling of fried peanuts. He ate using cayenne pepper and lime according to taste.

The Dragon Bridge and the Combination of City Lights on the Sotra Peninsula

It is not wrong to say đà nẵng vietnam interesting places. This rapidly growing city is the fourth largest city in Vietnam. The rapid growth of this city has created such a beautiful city panorama. This panorama is perfect for lovers to enjoy.

Your tour will be accompanied by a beautiful dragon bridge view at night. The combination of the colors of the lights and the reflection of the water gives an extraordinary view. Look at the buildings in the Danang urban area adorning this Sotra peninsula. Romanticism will soon appear and you will spend a beautiful night with your beloved lover.