Transform Your Home with Personal Pieces

Once you’ve finally moved into the home of your dreams, there’s nothing more exciting than the process of transforming your new interior into a living space that reflects your personality. It can be tempting to go wild with purchases and dramatic decorating decisions, but taking your time to gradually invest in signature pieces that will last you for a lifetime is often the wiser path. This article will walk you through three key ways you can transform your home with personal pieces that you will treasure for a many years to come.

Lighten Up

Lighting is an often overlooked design element that packs a major punch. Your lighting choices will determine the tone and atmosphere of your living spaces, so whether you’re designing a cozy nook or a bright and breezy open floor plan, it’s worth taking the time to research your options and make the lighting selections that will optimize your design vision and intended use for each room. To make the most of your home lighting and add a personal touch, look up custom lighting manufacturers in your area to talk to an expert about your options.

Gather Around the Table

The kitchen table is the hub of family activity, the setting of shared meals and stories that form precious memories. You can enhance the magic of this special space by designing your own furniture. Repurposing wood from old furniture that has outlived its useful life span or from other memory-rich sources is always an option, or you can start from scratch. You don’t have to be a master carpenter to make your own beautiful kitchen table. There are plenty of do-it-yourself options for those with a creative spirit.

Build In Beauty

As you look for opportunities to bring your personality into your new dream home, don’t forget about efficiencies. Investing in built-in cabinets and shelves not only adds character to any room, it’s also a great use of space. Smart, gorgeous design is not only unique, it’s utilitarian, too!

Feeling inspired? You’ve found the perfect house. Now it’s time to make it your own!