Three Fun Ways to Spend Your Quarantine Time at Home

With most of us spending far more time at home or more isolated from our social connections, there are still lots of fun ways to bring some excitement to being at home during this unusual time. Here are three fun ways to make quarantine life more adventurous.

Join a Club

Find a club where you can have new types of products sent to your home regularly for a surprise and a treat or indulgence. You can find food and drink clubs such as the wine club Greenwood VA where several bottles of wine arrive at your doorstep each season. Or maybe subscribe to a game of the month club or a book club where you can have new activities that provide you enjoyment and pass the time at home.

Game Night

Initially, it may seem impossible to have a game night with friends if you are under strict quarantine orders, but there are actually lots of ways to engage in virtual game play with internet and technology so readily available. Consider playing party games via Zoom or Google Meet and share the screen or present your screen so everyone can play together. There are also free versions of many popular party games available online too if you search the internet. Examples include Cards Against Humanity and Scattergories.

Movie Night

Buy or rent a projector and put on a movie on the side of your house or garage or a big screen and have your own family movie night under the stars. Since you are outside, if you are able and comfortable, you can easily invite a small gathering of family, friends or neighbors to join you too. To satisfy everyone’s appetite, make fresh popcorn with a microwave outside or make a small fire so people can toast their own s’mores during the show.

While quarantines will not last forever, they sure can put a damper to our social lives. By finding ways to still enjoy our time at home or more socially distanced, we can still maximize the fun during this stressful and strange time.