Things To Understand Before You Consider Moving To Seattle, WA

Seattle is an amazing city for living between Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges, next to the shores of Lake Washington and Puget Sound. It represents the natural beauty that you will notice as soon as you enter this beautiful town.

You will wish to stay here forever when you see the combination of modern architecture, technology, and nature, which are the three most important factors when you decide to move to another city.

Of course, we have numerous reasons why you should consider moving to Seattle. Before you decide to do it, we recommend you to check here, and you will find the best moving company with an affordable price tag that will help you move you to Seattle without any problems.

However, let us see the reasons and things that you should know before you move to Seattle:

It Doesn’t Feature Income Task

One of the biggest reasons why people consider Seattle for their life is because it features no income tax. This particular thing is an entire state of Washington. Of course, this does not mean that you will not pay local taxes, because sales taxes are high. However, you should have in mind that everything will stay as it is.

Seattle Summers

Seattle is the city with beautiful and best summers, and even though you have heard about the rain, we will talk about it later. Summers tend to be dry and warm, with exceptional low humidity and lots of sunshine, which is why you should consider moving right away.

Summer is the best time of year that will allow you to enjoy natural wonders such as Olympic National Park, Pacific Northwest, and the San Juan Islands. The main disadvantage is that Seattle summers are short, and they start too late and end too early.

To see reasons why Seattle summers dominate other places you should click here.

Winters Are Gloomy

When it comes to rain, this is not a big deal when compared with other places across the USA. In Seattle when it rains, you will notice a mist in almost 99% of situations. You do not have to bother flipping raincoat or hood because rain will not be significant as you think.

However, the main problem is gloom and mist. Have in mind that Seattle feature more cloudy days than any other city in the USA, and because it is in far-northern location, you should have in mind that winter days are shorter than in other areas.

It Is Not Expensive Too Much

The cost of living in Seattle is not high as people think and if you want to check more about it, we recommend you visit this link:  However, if you want to choose a city with lowest rates and prices, this is not the one.

Due to rapid population growth in the last few years, living costs are rising quickly. Therefore, if you want to purchase a home, you will have stiff competition, similarly as in other areas.

People Enjoy Seattle

According to statistics, in 2000, the population was around 600 thousand. However, today, the population grew up to 700 thousand. Therefore, we can say that 100 thousand people became new residents in the last 18 years.

You should understand that growth is not slowing down, especially because big companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google plan to increase their hiring in this particular city. Of course, this has some disadvantages because rental and real estate market is competitive.

However, you will not have problems in meeting new people, because you will notice someone from your ex-city too.

Do Not Think Of Living In A House Boat

Some people think that people who live in Seattle tend to enjoy living on a boat, thanks to Tom Hanks. However, that is a rarity, and you will not notice boats as you would before. At the same time, they are more expensive than other parts of the city.

You should have in mind that it is much better to have an appropriate household or apartment because winters can be cold and you do not want to freeze in the boat during that time. You can also befriend someone who has a boat so that you can hang out, which will prove less expensive than doing it yourself.