Here Is How to Help Afghan Refugees

Whether you’re looking to help Afghan refugees make a one-time donation or want to give a monthly contribution, there are many ways on how to help Afghan refugees. If you’re looking for ways to help, consider donating to the International Rescue Committee. The International Rescue Committee works to aid newly arrived Afghan families and those who have accompanied U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Since August 2021, the U.S. has welcomed over 70,000 Afghans to its shores. They need food, shelter, and other necessities to start new lives in the U.S.

CARE provides food, water, shelter, and protection to displaced families

Since the war began, the humanitarian sector has significantly focused on the conflict zone. Afghans are in desperate need of shelter and food, with five million children in danger of starvation. Amid political unrest and the worst drought since records began, the humanitarian sector provides food packages to vulnerable families. In addition, it mobilizes youth to create fun activities that restore hope in the community. The resulting impact is enormous.

While the UNHCR focuses on the protection of children, several financial institutions, UNDP, and states have joined together to support work on solutions to the conflict. These organizations are called the SSAR Core Group and are led by the European Union. Their work in Afghanistan includes building schools, health clinics, community centers, water and sanitation facilities, roads, and irrigation networks.

International Rescue Committee provides shelter, clean water, sanitation, and protection to displaced families

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is an international nonprofit organization that provides aid to people in need of refuge during natural disasters, wars, and persecution. It has been working in Afghanistan since 1988, providing help, shelter, clean water, and sanitation to refugees. In addition, the IRC offers medical training and cash assistance. Other organizations supporting refugees include theĀ  International Medical Corps (IMC), operating in Afghanistan since 1984. In addition, the women’s rights organization, Women For Women International (WFWI), has launched an emergency campaign to help women in conflict areas in Afghanistan. Donations are matched up to $5000 from a single donor.

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is among the worst in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates climate change, and droughts are a growing problem. As a result, civilians are at a higher risk of suffering from conflict and are often caught in the crossfire. According to the U.N. According to the High Commissioner for Refugees, as many as 400,000 people have been displaced since January, and 2.9 million have been displaced since 2020.

Catholic Charities in Trenton welcomes donations

How to help Afghan refugees charity accepts donations to help those displaced by the recent conflict in Afghanistan. Over the past few weeks, the Afghan government collapsed, and thousands of refugees from the conflict have taken up residence at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, near Trenton. Catholic Charities agencies assist the displaced Afghans by providing necessities and helping coordinate wellness activities for children. Donations are needed to support these efforts, and volunteers and staff are required to help out.…

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