Simple Switches That Create an Inviting Outdoor Space

Do you want a back porch that’s as inviting as your living room? You can easily transform your outdoor space without making any major renovations.

Light It Up

Lighting is a key component in the way a space makes people feel. Proper lighting can add character, warmth, or romance, depending on what fixture style you choose. When you’re looking for ​exterior lighting Overland Park​, be sure to think about the kind of atmosphere you would like to create.

If you want your space to be a cozy place to relax, consider switching out those bare porch lights and installing smaller fixtures with round edges. Orb wall sconces combined with table candles make for a great midnight reading oasis. Try framing your deck with string lights to create a soft glow. If you want to have larger gatherings on your patio or lawn, you may want to consider unique lighting fixtures. Large hanging pieces, colorful lanterns, and tall post lights with intricate shapes will draw the eye outward and create a dynamic space your guests will feel excited about.

Color and Texture Make the Heart Grow Fonder

A variety of colors and textures makes any space more inviting. You can ​add texture to your outdoor space without totally redoing your deck or siding. If you have sleek metal chairs, consider adding a few colorful woven pillows for balance. ​Fabric flags can provide perfect little pops of color along fences. Get some plants! Nature provides some of the most interesting colors and textures, so grab a couple of new potted friends.

Make Space for Yourself

It may sound simple, but if you don’t make places to relax outside, then you won’t relax outside. Ditch the plastic lawn chairs and get comfortable furniture. If you have space, set up a free-standing hammock. Designate comfy blankets for outdoor use so you can cuddle up in your new sanctuary, even when it’s chilly.

Invite yourself outside for a breath of fresh air. Adding these little touches to your space can make you get off of your couch and get back outside.