Raise a Well-Rounded, Independent Teen

Every parent has had an argument with their teen at one time or another over their independence. Most kids think that at the ripe old age of 15 they have all of the answers. As parents, we want to control their lives in order to protect them from making the same mistakes we made at their age. Unfortunately, this often backfires. You are left with an angry and frustrated teen that simply doesn’t understand where you are coming from.

Respect Their Privacy

An easy and safe way to give your teen a taste of independence is to allow them some privacy. This doesn’t mean to leave them home alone to get into trouble, nor does it mean to let them come and go as they please. Instead, let them have an area in your home where they can go and not be bothered by siblings or other distractions. A basement is ideal for this purpose. If your basement isn’t finished, this may be a good time to consider having it done. When looking for basement renovation Falls Church VA has many professionals ready to help you like those at Total Construction Company. In the process of allowing them privacy, make sure they understand house rules as well as limits when it comes to internet access.

Independence One Step at a Time

Children also have to learn independence outside of the home. This is hard for many parents. Yes, you do want to know where they are and what they are doing at all times, but you can’t hold their hand like you did when they were younger. Start small. Allow them to go out with their friends, but have an exact time that they need to return home. If they are back on time without argument, you could increase the time allowed with friends on the next occasion. They will soon learn that earning your trust has its rewards.

If you can give your teen a taste of independence in small doses, both you and your child will be prepared for the bigger stuff yet to come. They will develop excellent decision-making skills as well as have a feeling of pride in knowing that they are individuals with their very own thoughts and needs.