Prevent Parking Lot Wear By Sealing

Your company’s parking lot cost thousands of dollars to pave. It’s not likely you’ll ever want to spend that much money again. The best way to protect that investment is by sealing it against harmful elements. A sealer is quick, provides immediate results and gives the entire space an instant facelift.

An Attractive Parking Area

A parking lot is like a big welcome mat outside the building. Every day, customers and employees alike park there and travel across it on the way inside. It’s the first thing people see when they visit. Keeping up appearances with asphalt sealcoating Greenville NC helps your business put forth a positive image before you even enter the building.

How Elements Destroy Unsealed Asphalt

Parking lots are out in the open and battle the elements every day. Fading sun, eroding water and the plowing of snow and ice can take a toll on pavement. Over time, the integrity of the material can be compromised, causing it to crumble and flake apart. Sand finds its way through and weeds start to grow. Meanwhile, cars parked in the lot can leak fluids and leave skid marks. Soon, the lot starts to look cracked and run down.

Sealing Creates a Strong Barrier

Not only does sealing make your lot look brand new again, it also creates a strong barrier between the pavement and moisture. This prolongs its life. It also hides tire marks, scuffs and creates a beautiful surface where parking stripes can be painted. Longer cracks can be individually filled with a rubberized sealant. Try to schedule the job for after hours so not to interfere with business.

Saving Money in the Future

By choosing to seal your asphalt parking lot, you’ve made the choice to keep it protected for many years to come, avoiding costly damage and repairs. The look of your company has also vastly improved and that’s always good for business.