Negotiating a Good Price For a Modern Table

By namague May17,2021

Negotiating a Good Price For a Modern Table

If you are in the market for a modern table, you may be expecting to spend a lot of money to get a good piece of contemporary decor. But you don’t have to. Today, thanks to the economy, a lot of businesses are struggling as they try to make money. This includes the furniture stores. As a matter of fact, furniture stores are having a much tougher time than many other industries. The reason for this is two fold:

Home Sales – The entire housing market is flat right now. That means a lot of people are not buying homes. The lower home sales have a direct impact on furniture sales because the most furniture is sold when people are completely decorating a brand-new home.

Money Concerns – Another reason furniture stores are not seeing sales is that many people are holding onto their money a little tighter than they were a year-ago. With the jobless rate on the rise many people who have jobs are concerned that they can lose them. Those who have lost them are holding on to every extra dollar they have. That means larger sales, like furniture, are not as high on the priority list. So, furniture stores are noticing more and more of their inventory is just sitting around.

So, what does this means for you? Well, if you are in the market for a modern table this may be the perfect time to buy. You see, with all of that inventory sitting around, furniture store in many cases are upside down in their profits. They’re actually losing money because not only do they have all that furniture they’re not selling but also they still have to pay for the overhead of the showroom where the furniture is sitting. So, they want to bring as much money in the door as they can the even if it means discounting the furniture they’re trying to sell.

Once you find the modern table you are in love with, its time to start negotiating. While you may remember the price of the modern table being relatively high, it will not be this time around. Tell the salesperson what you are willing to spend, even if it’s much lower than the sales price marked on the item. You may be surprised at suddenly how much of a discount they can offer on that modern table.

The key is to be determined. Know your budget and stick to it. If the salesperson thinks you will be willing to pay more than you had originally planned, they will try to get every dollar they can out if you. But, if they think you are ready to leave the store over a few dollars, they will knock those few dollars off the price to make the sale.

It really is a buyer’s market. As long as you know what you want, know what you’re willing to spend and are willing to walk away if you don’t get your way you may be surprised at how great of a deal you can get on that modern table you have been wanting.

By namague

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