Moving to This Apartment Was a Good Change

Change can be scary. I used to get scared of so many things, but that changed when I realized that my fear of the unknown or the new was just making the transition even more painful for me. Once I realized that, I started looking at all of the positives, no matter the change that I was going to go through. The last one was when I was evicted from my house. It was through no fault of my own, but that was little consolation. I knew I had to look at the Atlantic Peachtree Corners apartments so I could have a place to sleep and eat.

I knew that I wanted an apartment because I had considered both another rental house as well as an apartment. I had never lived in an apartment before, but I didn’t let that stop me from finding out as much information on one that I could. When I first saw the one that I live in now, I was actually mesmerized with it. I was impressed with everything from the price of each unit to the amenities that are found both inside the apartment as well as on the property itself.

The location could not be more perfect too because it actually puts me about seven minutes away from my work instead of 20 minutes. Those 13 minutes might not seem like much, but multiply it by two since I had to drive to and from work, and then multiply that by five, since I work five days a week. That is 130 minutes, just over two hours of time. That is time that I can use at one of the amenities at my apartment, like the swimming pool or the fitness center. Yes, looking at the positives in the midst of change is really the only way to deal with one.