Leading Kitchen Trends of 2019

From grand two-story farmhouses to sprawling ranches to the most compact of tiny homes, the kitchen is usually a high priority. No longer just the wife’s domain, the kitchen is the central hub for much of a home’s activity. Meals are prepared, sure, but this is a place where homework is done, gifts are wrapped, science experiments pieced together, and parties hosted.

Finding the perfect design both to suit a person’s taste and meet the varied needs of the people who will make use of it is a challenge for designers and builders. Investing in a kitchen remodel, however, will almost always add value both for homeowners who make use of it or people like Steven Taylor landlord, working with property management.

Color in the Kitchen

The popularity of the all-white kitchen is beginning to fade, and anyone who has tried to keep on clean will understand why. Homeowners and designers are choosing to toss in splashes of rich, dark color and ground the kitchen as a welcoming space that’s not just utilitarian. When more bold color is preferred, a set of deeply shaded cabinetry adds a personal yet designer touch to a new kitchen.

Though navy is the trendy choice, there are those who prefer rich greens or even black. When balanced with the other elements of the room, these strong pallet options make a stunning feature in a kitchen.

Wide Open Spaces

The flow from room to room is majorly important to anyone looking to refinish or purchase a home. A beautiful, open kitchen seems to be the hub around which the floor plan must focus. Both families with young children and people who love to entertain desire the ability to be a part of what is going on around them, even if they’re still putting tiny pieces of food on trays for everyone.

Backsplash to the Ceiling

The backsplash is no longer relegated to its namesake of catching the messes made in the kitchen. With the wide array of tile and other materials available, the backsplash can be a true statement piece in the kitchen. A current trend is to bring the tile all the way to the ceiling. Some designers have also opted to use this as a way to have a simplistic but beautiful feature wall in the kitchen.

These new kitchen trends are beautiful and stylish. Whether a person is looking to design a party spot or a family’s home base, incorporating these ideas can be a fantastic upgrade to any home.