Is Your Home Ready for Inspection?

You’ve found a buyer for your home! Hooray! But before you really celebrate having successfully sold, your home will need to pass an inspection, and you may have some work to do to bring it up to a sellable state. Here are some of the things an inspector may catch.


Signs of ants, rats, mice, termites albany or, moths, wasps, or burrowing animals will all draw the attention of an inspector. You may need to prove you’ve taken care of whatever infestation is apparent before your home sale will go through. If you know there’s a problem and have just been hoping to get out of the place before you have to deal with it … deal with it.

Water Damage

The same goes for water leaks and damage. Inspectors will pick right up on dank basements, leaky faucets, damp patches on ceilings, mold in walls, and droplets sneaking through windows. Chances are, you wouldn’t want to buy a house with water where it shouldn’t be. Don’t expect your buyer to want that either.


When you’re living in a house, it’s easy to overlook unsafe electrical conditions (though of course, you do so at your peril). You may take on some DIY wiring, get accustomed to resetting circuit breakers, or use sockets in ways not recommended. Inspectors won’t be sympathetic to your makeshift power plays. You’ll need to bring everything up to code.


How are your roof shingles holding up? Are your gutters still hanging on? Do your doors open and shut easily? Have you just stopped noticing the crumbling steps or loose hand railings or creaking floors? Don’t expect an inspector to be taken in by your home’s lopsided charm.

An inspection is an unavoidable part of a home sale. Expect the worst, and maybe things will turn out better than you feared.