I Found a Great Apartment

This is not what I was looking for when I started to hunt for a new place to live. In fact I would not have considered such a place, because I knew that I just could not afford the rent for Mission Viejo luxury apartments and so there just was not any point to looking at them. Obviously I was thinking about getting a place on my own, because I really did not have a reliable roommate that I could get to move some place with me. At any rate I have been looking around for some time and a lot of my friends and associates all knew that I was looking for a place, so they thought about me once they came up with the need for a roommate. In this case the guy that I knew was from a job I had held about a year and a half back. He and two other guys had a three bedroom apartment and then something had happened to one of them.

In fact this guy is going away and he is not going to come back for a long time. The police caught him committing some sort of financial fraud or at least they seem to have known that he had done it. Since he also knew he had done it, the guy decided that he would be happier running free in Mexico than he would be in a prison here in the United States, so he packed up this money that he had taken from his employer and he headed for the border. They know where he is or at least where he was when he called his mother and when he sent an email asking these guys to look after his parrot. The parrot was still there when I moved in, he actually knows a lot of bad words.