How to Prevent Wood Rot on Poles

When wooden poles are placed in environments where rainstorms happen on a regular basis, the wood can gradually rot after enough water soaks the grains. In order to avoid accidents that are typically caused by wood rot, you must implement tactical procedures to protect the grains from harsh environmental elements.

Use a Primers

Priming products should be used if you’re going to put traditional wood poles on your property. A primer is an effective solution that can prevent wood rot because it blocks water that invades wood grains. Since most wooden poles have many layers, you may have to apply multiple coats of primer in order to prevent severe wood rot on some products in a very rainy climate.

When painting a primer on a pole, you’ll need to take proper steps to enhance the application and drying process. Because poles are tall, the process of reaching and painting the highest points can be challenging, which is why you should secure a very tall pole horizontally on a support beam that’s close to the ground. The beam will give you opportunities to coat paint on all sides of the pole without worrying about smears, as you can easily coat surfaces on the opposite side by rotating the material.

Place the Pole Away From Sloped Structures

As rain drops on sloped structures, all of the water will flow in one spot. If a pole is mounted near a roof that’s sloped, the water will splash on the wood grains. Following multiple rainstorms, this water could gradually wash away the primer that’s found on a treated pole, and this is why you should always secure a freshly treated pole in a practical spot on a property.

If you have a pole that’s already mounted near a roof, you can keep water out of the grains by using fasteners. Screw and nail fasteners are designed in various sizes, and they can block water before it seeps into wood grains.

Although primers products are easy to use, you can save time and avoid strategic prep procedures by buying poles that were treated during the manufacturing process. Treated utility poles are worth considering during a major renovation project because the commercial-grade coatings can handle high heat and heavy rain.