Great Apartments Away from LA

I decided to look for apartments for rent in Colton CA after learning that I would no longer be required to come into the office on a regular basis. I work at a start up tech firm and hit the lottery when the boss said he would allow one of his team members to work from home. Since I had the highest rated review, I got the opportunity to work from home. I immediately set about figuring out a way to get out of Los Angeles. About the only thing I like about living here is the weather. Everything else is awful.

The commute was bad enough with all the traffic, but considering I only have to come into the office once a month on a Saturday, I figured I might as well take advantage of the situation and get out of the city. There’s no reason to live here with the noise and the crowding and the smog now. I picked Colton because I used to live there about ten years ago and always like the city. It’s smaller and the people who live there are friendlier and don’t have that fake attitude you get from people in Los Angeles.

I needed to find an apartment since the place I lived in there before was long gone, sold off to some developer who turned the complex into a strip mall. I spent a fair amount of time online looking at options and even drove out to the city to take a look around before settling on a complex that seemed perfect for me. The office staff answered all my questions and the people who live there seem to be great. The location is ideal as well. The apartment unit is nice and cozy for working as well and has room for my home office. I can’t wait to move in.