Got a Project? Tools to Rent for Maximum Productivity

Household projects number in the dozens over the years. You might patch a roof one year and add new flooring right afterward. Each project requires certain tools that may or may not be at your disposal. Instead of buying every tool, try renting specific ones. You may only use these tools once in your life so buying them outright isn’t really cost effective.

Reciprocating Saw

You might be installing a kitchen countertop. It’s a laminate design, and cutting out the sink’s shape is necessary. There’s no reason why you should buy an industrial reciprocating saw. Rent this tool to cut out the sink’s opening. It will make short work of the process, which means the kitchen can get back to working order.


A unique project might include pond maintenance on a large property. This body of water may have been neglected for many years. It’s necessary to clean it out. Be sure to rent dredging equipment for this job. Depending on the pond’s size, hiring a professional to man the dredge might be a good idea. Rejuvenate the pond with this strategy in place.

Extra Drill

Keep your own drill and rent another one so that you aren’t always changing bits. One drill might hold a Philips screwdriver bit while the other tool secures a drill bit. Move between drills during your project to make it more productive. Installing hinges or knobs on cabinet doors, for example, requires the use of multiple bits.

Paint Sprayer

If you have a big paint job ahead of you, renting a sprayer is the best course of action to take. Rollers and brushes can only get you so far. The rental sprayer is often a heavy-duty design, which means you can cover a wide area in little time.

If you’re unfamiliar with a rental tool’s operations, ask the rental-facility employee. Most workers are trained in the basic use of each item. There might be a handout regarding that particular model too. By accessing the rental facility’s stock and knowledge, your household project can be completed in little time.