First We Rented then We Bought a Greek Villa on Mykonos Island

We visited Greece a couple of times. Then we went to the island of Mykonos. There are only about 10,000 people living there. It is a popular tourist spot, and they have these amazing Mykonos villas for rent. The Mediterranean architecture is present in the style of the big places. We went on vacation as a group and our villa had seven bedrooms. There were 14 couples on our trip. All of us were friends, family or neighbors. We had a wonderful time. I asked my wife how she would like to live on a Greek island several months out of the year. We worked for ourselves in a business that only required us to have computers and a stable Internet connection. We could be anywhere in the world at any given time working to earn a living and enjoying the locale.

We enjoyed our stay at Mykonos so much that we purchased one of the villas that were for sale. The company that offers Mykonos villas for rent also has a sales division. They will even build it out like you want it. We chose one a few miles out from the coastal town of Mykonos. We like our privacy, but we wanted to be close to the main spot for shopping and entertainment. It was something else to suddenly be two people who would be residents instead of just tourists. After our first year people recognized is who we interacted with often in town. We were now neighbors instead of just tourists.

We still have our home back in the states, but we spend more and more time at our villa in Greece on the island of Mykonos. It is an incredible place with large rooms and a swimming pool that sparkles blue under the Greek sunshine. I did not know how much we would be enjoying island life until we spent our first winter here in Mykonos. Such a wonderful experience to say the least.