Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?

Many of us have watched those 1950’s shows on television about the families that live on the perfect block with nice white picket fences. Everyone smiles at each other every morning and refers to each other by their first names. Today, that’s not the case. Our homes seem to be built on top of each other, and yes many of us do refer to our neighbors by names every morning when we get up. Unfortunately, those names probably would not be approved by the television producers of the 1950’s. This is why it is essential to choose the best style outdoor fences Lebanon PA need for their particular situations to keep up that neighborly atmosphere of the 1950’s today.

One of the first things to consider is, the number of fences that you need. If you are relying on the one fence that your neighbors next door constructed to you, you are making a lot of assumptions. One of those assumptions is that the fence will remain and maintain the style you currently see. Your neighbor is under no obligation to consult with you before changing their fence or even tearing it down if it is on their side of the property line.

If you have children, the financial implications of having a fence should be weighed even more heavily. Accidents happen, and those accidents can be quite costly. There’s also a very good chance your neighbors will expect you to pay for the repairs to the fence. Instead of repairing your neighbor’s fence, why not have one built yourself? While it will be a significant outlay of money in the beginning, you will also have much more of a decision-making role about future expenses of the fence, and control of it.

There are many different styles of fences that you can choose from. A chain link style fence is one that will last for many years. Some of the advantages are that it is much sturdier than a wooden fence. The chain link fence will hold up to objects thrown at it such as balls and toys than a wooden one will. In Pennsylvania, winters can be rough. A wooden fence might not stand up to all of the snow, ice and rain that you get. The chain link fence stands a better chance of surviving for a long period of time.

Others may find that they can do more stylistically with a wooden fence. The ability to cut and design with a wooden fence is much easier than with a chain link fence. This will allow your home to have personality and style to it that stands out from other fences that your neighbors have It’s also more cost efficient to build a taller wooden than one of the chain-link style. The choice of fence that you have constructed and whether you pay someone to do it or install it yourself is up to you. Just remember, a good decision will last for many years.