Cleanliness Is Crucial for Restaurateurs

Congratulations. After years of striving, your dream of owning your own restaurant is finally coming true. You have the paperwork, the premises, and a menu guaranteed to bring in the customers and keep them coming back. However, what may sound like the recipe for success could crumble like a cookie if you don’t heed the details. Among these, food safety concerns are especially important.

Food Safety Is Serious Business

Even if you’re the world’s best chef, food poisoning cases can quickly kill your business or worse, your customers. Food-borne illnesses are usually caused by contaminated foodstuffs which were handled by humans in an unhygienic manner. Improperly stored or prepared foods invite a host of pathogens from salmonella to E. coli. Government health inspectors routinely check for unsanitary practices and can issue fines, or even shut down your business. Know and follow the FDA Food Code, along with all other state and local standards.

Simple Food Safety Tips

Make sure every surface your food touches is kept thoroughly clean. Washing dishes, scrubbing floors and wiping down the furniture are all relatively straightforward tasks. Properly cleaning large industrial appliances and the surrounding area is much more of a challenge. Such ceaseless, time-consuming demands make it wise to hire a restaurant cleaning central florida specialist to ensure the job is done up to code.

As for food, it should be stored in airtight and watertight containers. Raw and cooked foods should always be separated, as should red meat, poultry, and fish. Be sure to refrigerate all perishables and cook all foods to the recommended levels, and be careful regarding expiration dates. As the restaurant owner, you’re responsible for the quality of every meal you serve.

Food hygiene involves an endless cycle of many small processes. Leaving the cleaning side to somebody else leaves you free to take care of the cooking and the other realities of running your restaurant.