Benefits of Solar Shades

There are many benefits of solar shades over conventional drapes, curtains, or blinds. With a variety of different styles and colors from which to choose, they can be easily incorporated into almost any home decor. Colors range from white, beige, light or charcoal grey to black. Apart from the style chosen, the advantages of solar shades are similar.

Cool and Energy-Saving

The most obvious benefit is that solar shades help keep the heat of summer out of the home and regulate the temperature indoors. This helps save energy, potentially decreasing the cost of air-conditioning bills during the hottest times of the year. UV rays from the sun can damage indoor materials, including carpets, flooring, furniture, and electrical equipment. Solar roller shades New Jersey help to prevent the harmful effects of the sun and protect valuable possessions while keeping the interior temperature of the home regulated.

Privacy During the Daylight Hours

One may opt for blackout roller shades, which can block 100% of UV light where desired. Blackout shades are often chosen for bedrooms and other rooms where privacy may be needed most. These shades can also be a good choice for media rooms and home offices.

Afford a Better View

Because solar shades in New York work to deflect light, they can afford a better view outside during the daylight hours. They do this by decreasing glare while still maintaining visibility. Variable degrees of openness can be controlled depending on choice of fabric, with 10% being the largest. This means that 90% of UV rays will be blocked while still filling the room with natural light.

The cost savings incurred from decreased monthly energy bills along with protection of valuable possessions from damaging UV rays make solar shades a very good choice for home window treatments. They can add style to nearly any room in the house while offering the benefits of desired shading and openness.