Alternatives To Having A New Well Drilled

The idea of having to drill a new well can be stressful for most homeowners. It can be even more stressful when your home is located next to water or is on a small lot. There are many local laws and regulations that have to be taken into consideration for a new well to be drilled. Thankfully, a qualified plumber in Salisbury NC, such as the one found at, can work with you to find alternatives. Below are some other options you might have available to you instead of drilling a new well on your property.


If your home is older and you have begun to notice a slow and steady decline in your water output, you might be able to consider a technique called hydrofracturing. This technique involves a professional injecting high-pressured water deep into your well to open up any fractures found in the surrounding bedrock. This can effectively increase your water flow. No chemicals are used in this process and your well will not sustain any damage. You may see some sediment in your water temporarily.

Water Well Deepening

Another way to save your current well is by having it drilled deeper. When your current well gets deepened, new fractures deep underground which contain water can be found. The deeper the drill goes into the ground, the higher the chances of new water-containing fractures there will be to find. Professional water well drillers can determine if your well can successfully be deepened.

New Well

If the deepening and hydrofracturing processes do not work, you will have to consider having a new well drilled in another location of your property. This is the last resort before the other options. A professional can help you determine what method would be the most successful in your specific case.

These are the main options available for homeowners who need to fix their water supply issues. A well can save a lot of money if maintained properly. Have a plumbing company visit regularly to diagnose any issues and fix them promptly before they get worse.