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A Simple Solution to an Everyday Problem

By namague Jul31,2021

A Simple Solution to an Everyday Problem

Most of us end up sharing a bathroom with other people in our household. Our bathrooms work hard for us, and we ask them to handle a lot of stuff, often without much storage room to work with.

An everyday solution exists for a typical storage problem in our bathrooms. While most of us have a towel bar or two installed (and we certainly know how to use them), they can prove to be a challenge for some members of our family. Besides providing a minimal amount of hanging space, towel bars require that we fold and hang our towels with care. Otherwise the bathroom won’t keep looking good. That often proves to be too tough a task for some members of our family.

One solution to the pesky towel-hanging challenge is to install towel hooks in your bathroom. The look is more casual than with towel bars, but if your family is not hanging up the towels anyway, hanging them on the hooks is an improvement.

In the space where we would normally hang two towels on a bar, we can install four towel hooks. Make them double hooks, and you can handle the drying needs for an entire pool party!

Most of us now outfit our bathrooms like we outfit the rest of our homes; we consider style and finish when we choose bath hardware. Take a look at your home improvement store or on websites that specialize in bathroom hardware. You’ll find a huge selection, and you’re bound to find something that suits your purposes perfectly.

If you already have a set of coordinating bath hardware, check out its options for towel hooks. Chances are, you’ll find more than one style-a single or double hook is typical, and you can sometimes find a triple hook that swivels. Even in the most elegant bathrooms, towel hooks installed behind the bathroom door or right outside the shower stall are the perfect to place to hang your robe.

If you are looking for something new, you’ll find towel hooks in a variety of finishes and materials that look great in your bathroom. Think of how great a polished brass hook would look in a nautical-themed bathroom. That timeless choice automatically suggests boat hardware.

Choose pewter for towel hooks in a bathroom with traditional cabinets and fixtures; it suggests a Colonial look. Likewise, wrought iron towel hooks recall a hand-forged hardware that would be look great there, too.

Contemporary spaces call for modern finishes, and polished chrome towel hooks can make a great statement here. Simple geometric European-inspired hardware can provide the finishing touches for a contemporary bathroom. Polished nickel and oil-rubbed bronze are popular new options that add to the traditional choices of chrome and brass.

If you are trying to encourage your kids to hang up their towels, you might have more luck if you select towel hooks that catch their eyes! Pick one painted in their favorite colors or in a bright ceramic glaze that’s impossible to ignore. Maybe they can hang their towel on the face of favorite animal, or you’ve maybe got sports stars who can’t wait to hang their towels on a soccer ball hook. Think about adding an initial or a nameplate above each towel hook-this way, you know who’s straightened up the bathroom properly.

You can put up the towel hooks with a few simple tools-a drill or screwdriver and a level is really all you need. Make sure you pick a place where the screw can grab wood, and you’ll have a quick solution to a storage problem we all share.

By namague

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