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Family Recipes Remedy: Best Kitchen Gadgets Tips and Tricks

Are you tired of going the same old routine every day in the kitchen? If you are busy mom or a single parent dad then this article will give you the best tips and tricks for modern life cooking and the list of cool kitchen gadgets you need to have. Your kitchen life will never be the same. These new gadgets will surely make your kids motivated to help you in the kitchen too.

This is the cool kitchen gadgets list of 2017.

1.Egg Molds. These super kitchen gadgets you can always use are the egg molds. They come in all sorts of designs. To use this, boil an egg, peel it, place it into the mold while it is still hot. Clamp it shut and wait for about 3 minutes before opening the clamp. Your kids will enjoy all the different designs for these molded eggs.

2.Avocado SIicer. Individuals who are fond of guacamole-based foods needing and peeling an avocado is essential. Avocados are challenging to slice. This gadget is great for that. Make sure to cut the avocado in half before you put the slicer on top to do the job. Do a scooping motion and that should cut the avocado into slices.

3.Banana Slicer. If you are an athlete who loves running outdoors each morning you will have to make bananas your friend. They are packed with vitamins and minerals that you will need. It is ranked number three on this cool kitchen gadgets list of 2017 because this gadget is very easy to use. Clamp it shut after placing the banana into the gadget to create perfect slices. It is important to remember that the curves of this gadget is sharp, so be careful using this.

4.Corn Stripper. This fourth placer in the cool kitchen gadgets list is very important if you want to enjoy some Mexican roasted corn for tonight. This corn stripper will make it easier to cut corn. All you have to do is align the blade at the root of the kernels and push forward to strip the kernels off the cob.

5.Cut Resistant Glove. If you are super clumsy in the kitchen while preparing your favorite family recipe and worried about cutting yourself you may want to consider getting the cut resistant gloves. You are ensured with maximum protection provided by the micro-stainless steel wire and high-strength fibers.

6.Peeling Potato Glove. If you want some slow cooker scalloped potatoes for tonight the rank sixth of cool kitchen gadgets of 2017 list will be necessary. All you have to do is rub the potato under running water to peel the skin and remove any dirt. If you want to add some fried salmon later then you can use these gloves too for the fish.

Your kitchen experience will never be the same again.