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Exemplary Review Sites

Most internet sites keep explaining to potential businesses on the need to have online reviews for their work. Included in the list of companies reviewed on sites are B2B companies, B2C companies

Amazon customer review site tops the list of internet review sites. Having names along the reviews helps in avoiding unnecessary reviews. The sequence is two-way as companies also have a space to express their thoughts about the reviews that touch on their products and services. The first company to start such operations was the Amazon customer review internet site.

The feature was first used in 1995 and to date remains one of the essential resources for users. The information provided by the site shapes the buying decisions of most reviewers and consumers. The point of purchase does not determine who reviews the product o Amazon.

Amazon stocks all the products except gasoline and pharmaceutical products. The reviews help other interested buyers in making right decisions after making comparison of the reviews available on Amazon.

The differentiating factor between two products i.e. one bought and the other left lies in two things namely the shining gold stars and reviews by those who have used the product before. Amazon consumers can only rate products using a five-star grading scale. The website then takes the initiative to breakdown the ratings based on percentage reviews. This leads to the website being ranked as one with best reviews

Second in rank is the Angie’s list The service industry in the US is served by this website well. Paid up members is the ones allowed to use this service Users are charged a specified fee to access the site. Membership is by subscription. However; the services are worth the fee.

Rating is set on an A to F scale. Most of them are well thought out reviews. Raving and ranting reviews available in other free review sites are not found on Angie’s list. Anonymous writings are not posted. This helps in eliminating misrepresentation reviews and fake ones. Firms whose products are listed also have space to respond to the reviews.

The other best review site is Choice. The sites runs its businesses in Australia. It is member-funded website. It is different from other sites as it conducts independent tests on products and services and gives its reviews. Although other options are available, most of the reviews are as a result of independent reviews by Choice. Listing buying guides and developing product comparison are other services offered by the Choice. There is also room for members to offer their ratings.

Find Trustpilot is an additional site for reviews. Trustpilot continues to grow since it was established. The site is based in Denmark and driven by the community. Today, the site boasts its presence in 65 nations outside Europe and the whole of Europe. Trustpilot is also in the US. Companies all over the world have a platform where they collect their reviews proactively.

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