4 Things to Create a Safer Home

Are cars disappearing from neighboring driveways? Have you watched news stories about recent break-ins? Are you simply concerned about safeguarding your house and family? Crime isn’t going to simply disappear, so it’s important to establish measures to protect you and your loved ones. Here are 4 tips for securing your home.

Light It Up

Darkness provides cover and allows miscreants to hide. To combat this, work with a florida outdoor lighting store to install fixtures. A well-lit area should make it easier to see any unwarranted activity, discouraging crime from the area. Consider leaving some illumination on. While it may cost money in the electric bill, it could be beneficial for security.

Add Cameras

Several companies now offer doorbell and home camera systems. Homeowners can use them to record activity around the entrances to the home. Often, they are linked with phone applications. When someone approaches the door, your phone can text or vibrate, alerting you. Robbers, more than likely, don’t want to get caught on-camera.

Get a Dog

Good old Fido sometimes does the trick by using his protective instincts. Dogs can be loud and rough, and burglars don’t know if they’re small or not until they enter. Having a loyal canine might just offer good protection. The barking alone could arouse attention and perhaps send the troublesome crew running in another direction.

Lock It Down

Noise is one of the last things a criminal wants, so (chances are) the robber is going to enter through a door or window that doesn’t require breaking. Broken glass is loud, and the shards could scrape hands or legs, leaving blood at the scene. It’s much easier to locate a weak entrance. Fight this by inspecting your entry points. Are doors closed securely? Could you add an additional padlock for evening time? Are window latches closed properly? Is everything sealed? Establish a yearly or quarterly routine to examine these points.

If you have a growing concern about crime, reach out to a professional security system or crew. Physical safety and mental comfort are extremely important.