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4 Reasons You Need a Water Softener

By namague May4,2022

Hard water contains an excess of calcium and magnesium and is often found in rural homes. If you’re using a well, you’ve probably got mineralized water and all the problems that go with it. The only real solution is installing a softener, and here are four reasons you should invest in one now.

1. Improves Taste of Water

While some people aren’t bothered by the taste of hard water, it may seem strange to someone who’s never tried it. By installing water softeners Tampa, minerals are filtered out, giving you clear and more refreshing water. Soft water is also better for cooking pasta and rice since they absorb so much water.

2. Softens Skin and Hair

If you’ve ever bathed in hard water, you know it can leave your skin dry and your hair brittle. When you treat your water with a softener, your skin will once again be smooth and your hair manageable. Soft water also makes your soaps and shampoos more effective and extends the life of hair color.

3. Keeps Clothing Colors Vivid

Just like your hair and skin, hard water also does a number on your laundry. Since hard water is so harsh, it saps the color out of fabrics and leaves them scratchy and rough. With a water softener, your clothes and towels will be fluffy again and colors will look more vibrant.

4. Increases Water Flow

Hard water causes a white, crusty buildup to form on faucets over time. This impedes water flow in your shower, washing machine, sinks and even small appliances. When you switch over to soft water and remove that buildup, you’ll get increased water flow and extend the life of your appliances.

If you have hard water, installing a softener will solve several issues. It makes the water more palatable, improves your skin and eliminates chalky buildup.

By namague

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