4 Major Benefits of Installing a Rain Gutter

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a huge difference, and that’s how it is with rain gutters. A rain gutter is a narrow trough on the edge of a roof that catches rainwater. Although this home improvement seems small, it packs a major punch. Here are four benefits of installing a rain gutter.

1. Keeps the Basement Dry

During a heavy rainstorm, water cascades off your roof and lands near the foundation. Many times, this water pools up and even seeps into the basement, making it damp or flooding it. When you install a top rated gutter Gresham, water is diverted and your basement stays dry.

2. Prevents Rot Under Siding

If you have metal or vinyl siding, you might assume that your home is waterproof. While that’s mostly the case, tiny cracks and crevices are a problem. Water can easily travel through these gaps and decay the underlying wood. With a gutter, rain bypasses your siding and is dumped far from the house.

3. Protects Your Landscaping

Landscaping makes any home look beautiful, but it’s not cheap. Nothing is worse than seeing your investment go to waste when rainwater runs off your roof and destroys plants and flowers. If you install a rain gutter, you’ll never worry about garden erosion or losing valuable greenery every time it rains.

4. Deters Insects and Rodents

As if moisture in a home weren’t bad enough on its own, it’s also attractive to insects and rodents. Standing water around your home is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and also attracts roaches, termites and mice. With a simple gutter installation, you’ll be less likely to experience any type of infestation.

If you’ve never enjoyed the benefits of a rain gutter, don’t wait any longer. Rain gutters protect your basement, siding and prevent erosion in your yard.