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3 Tips for Keeping Your Industrial Blender In Great Shape

By namague May4,2022

When the word “blender” comes up, most people might think of the universal kitchen appliance for making smoothies or dicing salsa ingredients. Not so in the industrial realm…unless you’re making several literal tons of salsa.

If you work with dual shaft blenders in your industry, it’s important to keep the machinery running smoothly. Not only can repairs be costly, but stalled blenders can massively slow production and cost you time and profits. Whether you work in construction, food processing, or any other industry that utilizes massive blenders on a daily basis, you want to ensure your machines are in great shape. Your bottom line depends on it.

1. The Right Blender For the Right Job

Not all blenders are created equal — and not every blender is right for every material. Most dual shaft blenders are made for specific applications and use. It’s important to differentiate between food-grade, chemical-grade, pharmaceutical, or nutraceutical products. The blending shaft design and construction material must match the product safety standards. You wouldn’t use a cement mixer for anything but concrete pouring, so always monitor that the blenders are being used with the approved materials.

2. Maintenance and Upkeep

Dual shaft blenders generally operate using two cylindrical shafts side-by-side, with a motor turning one or both tubes. If there is a dedicated motor for each tube, such as turning them at different speeds, it’s vital to check that the motors are well-maintained and checked frequently. The insides of the shafts must also be inspected at regular intervals to ensure no residue remains between batching, and that no foreign particles have gotten inside the shafts, which can cause corrosion or damage.

3. Use the Appropriate Cleaners

Depending on what your dual shaft blenders process, using a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution is necessary for ensuring the life and functionality of your blender.

This may all be common sense to you, but it’s worth remembering the basics when it comes to keeping your blender in top shape.

By namague

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