3 Simple Ways to Save Space in Your Studio Apartment

3 Simple Ways to Save Space in Your Studio Apartment

If you live in a small studio apartment, then you’ll know how precious space can be. If you choose the wrong furniture, it can soon take over, leaving you with very little room to move, live, and invite friends around.

However, with a bit of clever thinking, you can furnish your studio with furniture that will help you maximise the use of space, allowing you to store all the things you need while still leaving you with a comfortable, spacious home.

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

For many people, walls are simply spaces for putting decorative objects such as photos or paintings. However, your apartment’s walls can be put to much better use, and can function as a great place to store things.

A great place to start is by putting up some shelving. This is perfect for holding all of your books, DVDs, and video games, rather than putting them in a floor-standing cabinet. You’ll be amazed at just how much space this can free up, as most people have a substantial collection of these items.

You needn’t stop there though, because you can use your walls to hold other items that might normally take up floor space. For example, rather than using free-standing lights and lamps, you can use wall-mounted ones instead. You can even hang your television from the wall, freeing up the space that would normally be taken up by a TV cabinet.

Use Moveable Storage

Another great way to give yourself more room to breathe is to use storage that you can move around, rather than cabinets that sit in the same place day in, day out. Most home furnishing stores sell furniture that has casters or other wheels, allowing them to be easily pushed around, even when full.

This is a great space saving feature, as you can quickly and easily rearrange your furniture to give you plenty of room to move. This can be particularly useful if you are having people round – for example for dinner or a party – as you can simply wheel the furniture that you don’t need into another room, and keep it there until everybody leaves.

Buy a Sofa Bed

Your bed is probably one of the largest items of furniture you own. In a studio apartment, this can make it particularly inconvenient and cumbersome. However, because you only use your bed at night, there’s really no need for it to be lying around taking up room all through the day.

A sofa bed offers the perfect solution because you can easily fold it up out of the way when you don’t need it. Even better is the fact that it doubles up as a comfortable sofa, meaning it is really two items of furniture in one.

Sofa beds used to be quite poorly made, but these days there’s a huge range of stylish, attractive, practical ones to choose from, and you can be sure you’ll find something to suit your tastes and preferences.