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Moving and Relocation: Important Things to Consider Before Choosing a Moving Company

When it comes to moving or relocating, it is indeed stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Hiring a moving company should make the moving process easier, smoother and less stressful, but if we make the wrong choice, moving ends to be a complete nightmare. It is somehow daunting to do some research to know the best moving company that suits your needs, however it will save you from so much stress and hassle in the end. By shopping around, you avoid scams and save money, so let’s talk about the things you need to consider before choosing a moving company.

In selecting the best moving company you need to take into consideration the reputation, service history, tenure, credentials, services offered, and estimates on bids. If you already have a prospective moving company, it is always best to validated and seek recommendations from your friends, relatives or a trusted colleague who have actually experienced the services for your advantage and assurance. Experts also advise to try checking your local phone book for the availability of nearby moving companies, so you can get an actual person to estimate the cost of your move, and remember not to rely much on any estimate that comes from someone who has not checked all your closets. Do not also assume that the companies with big name are the best and don’t rely on website estimates offering to find a mover for you. To avoid numerous scams, find the mover yourself and never use household-goods brokerage services since they’re not regulated by laws. A moving company should be able to provide an accurate quote by checking all the details of your move, and final bids must contain the full estimate in written form, as well as all the parameters should be included as indicated on your conversation. It is important to keep the written estimates in a hard-to-lose folder and show them to other estimators to give you a more competitive quote.

It is important that a moving company is licensed, bonded and fully insured. For long-distance moving projects, it is important to make sure that the moving company is licensed by appropriate government agencies for interstate moving or relocation. Checking the moving company’s service history with the Better Business Bureau is also important, as well as taking time to understand your consumer rights when it comes to moving or relocating. Take all the information you have gathered and get back online to confirm information, and you might also want to call your secretary of state office and inquire about the length of service the moving company is in business, and any complaints in the past.

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